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We are

and we are here to put together probably
the largest startup accelerator in this corner of the world

There's a huge opportunity ahead

Our mission is to identify the best innovators in the region and provide them with the needed tools, capital and partners


Our team has developed its own business analysis frameworks, has designed several successful high-performing technological architectures, and has built marketing strategies which, combined, have proven to be successful


We believe that there are several types of capital: human, experience, knowledge, network and money. Each start-up needs as much as possible of all of these types and we’re building custom cocktails of capital for each project


We carefully select private and public partners who understand and share our approach to innovation: growing ideas and businesses which offer solutions for a better civil society. So there are huge opportunities ahead

Our Success Story

Working together brings more joy and more enthusiasm on the table than any of our individual projects to date.
First coffee is on one of these guys:

Paul Brie


A dreamer and an entrepreneur. He believes in the magic of coding and wants to improve society through technology, being involved in community teaching initiatives.


Robert Onodi


Our specialist in Web Development, Javascript, Node.JS, Angular.JS, React. Robert is on Amazon already and he takes tea, my dear


Sorin Stan


Technology is a tool to make life easier for people. There needs to be someone to bridge the two worlds, to understand and connect them. Don’t forget to laugh daily


Emil Tamas


Lorem Tamas dolor sit Emil, consectetur adipisicing elit. Temporibus, we don’t need more text for him, saying that he founded moqups we kind of say it all. He might drink coffee as well


Julian Padurariu


Our strategic marketing specialist with a strong focus on behavioral management, helping innovative ideas to cross the chasm.
No cappuccino after 10AM


Mihai Sampaleanu


Our 10 year experience specialist in Software Development, Software Programming, Snowboarding, Business Analysis, Project Management and Agile Methodologies

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What People Say

Buy Me a Coffee becomes an organisation of accelerated startups, who wish to foster connections between all generations mentees.

It offers to its members a platform to develop in their personal, social, and expert fields

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